8 things to see and explore on the island of Pag

5 min readAug 23, 2021

Image Credit: Canva

Visiting the island of Pag is an excellent idea all year round, not only in the summer. There is so much more to see and explore; I have covered just the basics. But, if I mentioned it all, there would not be much left to discover for yourself, right? Check it out!

1. Ferry boat, catamaran, and the bridge (and a cute little boat)

The island of Pag is the only island in Croatia connected to the mainland with a ferry boat line, catamaran, and a bridge. Whichever you decide to choose, you will have a unique experience. The ferry boat docks in the rockiest landscape you ever saw. It looks like a Moon surface. But, do not be disappointed; just a couple of kilometers away is a magnificent green landscape followed by unforgettable shores.

If you come with a catamaran, you will come directly to the town of Novalja, a former fisherman village, now a big tourist destination. Sit in one of the many cafes in the town and enjoy the magnificent views. Another option is to come to the island via a bridge. The bridge is 301 meters long with an arch 35 meters above the Adriatic Sea. It was built more than 50 years ago, making an island a man-made peninsula.

The final option to come is by a cute little taxi boat, a ride taking around 40 minutes in one direction. It navigates between the village of Lun and the island of Rab. It can carry only passengers and, if not crowded, some bikes, but it is worth trying out.

But, none of the above guarantees you will be able to come to the island any time of the year because of the bora.

Bora, Pag, Croatia

2. Bora

It is complicated to explain what bora is to people who had not experienced it. Bura is a very strong and gusty wind. And when I say strong, I mean turning-over-big-trucks strong. It usually blows in the winter, rarely in summer, and when it blows, boy, it blows. The bridge is closed, the roads are closed, and all ships are safely locked in the harbor. So, it is essential to know what bora is and why to avoid it.

3. Pag Cheese

Like everything in life is connected, so is on Pag as well. Thanks to the bora, the soil, and the weeds are a little salty, so the sheep eating grass produce unique milk, which is then turned into a unique cheese. This is considered a delicacy all around Croatia and abroad. It has a very distinctive smell, and then you know you are eating an original, not a fake one.

Pag Sheep, Croatia

4. Pag Lamb

Due to specific circumstances described above, lamb from the island of Pag has a particular taste and is considered a delicacy. The sheep spend their whole life out in the open and eat whatever is available regardless of the weather. The large areas of the island are covered with grassland, allowing the sheep to have plenty of space to wander around. And this results in a tasteful delicacy. If you wander around the island’s rocky parts, you will undoubtedly run into a sheep, and this is entirely normal.

5. Pag Triangle

If you are wandering in the eastern part of the island, you will come across a big rocky triangle above the ferry port. Or, you will find it if you follow the signs. Some say it is a UFO landing site; others say it is a Christian sign. For sure, this is a land formation in the shape of an isosceles triangle with sides of approximately 32 meters and 22 meters. The rocks inside the triangle are of a different structure than rocks outside the triangle. There are no similar rocks in the surrounding area.

6. Pag Lace

Together with lace-making skills from other places in Croatia, Pag lace was inscribed in UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2009. This type of lacework requires a needle, thread, and backing, a round or square hard stuffed pillow. The work is done without any drawings, using ancestors’ work as an example. Of course, everyone adds a personal touch, something unique and special. In the summertime, pieces of the Pag lace can be bought on the streets and in many small shops all around the island. The lace is mainly made in the town of Pag.

7. Olive Gardens in Lun

Want to see something 1600 years old? Then come to the Olive Gardens in Lun! Lun in a village in the northernmost part of the island offers a magnificent view towards the island of Rab, Cres, and when the weather allows it, Krk. Before entering the village, you will see superb olive gardens with more than 80 000 trees that still produce olives! There is a souvenir shop at the entrance where you can purchase olives, olive oils, and other island-made products. And if you continue your walk to the sea, you will see the magnificent beaches where you can take a swim.

Pag beaches

8. The Beaches

Aah, the beaches. What would an island be without its beautiful beaches? There are so many beaches on the island of Pag that even the pickiest people will indeed find something for themselves. And, the most marvelous thing is that, if you pick a beach on the western shore, you can watch the sunset on the beach while swimming. There are several camps on the island with cultivated beaches and tons of activities available. On the other hand, the island holds many wild, almost entirely private beaches where you can take a good rest momentarily. I should not forget to mention that the island’s most famous beach is Zrće beach, a partygoers’ paradise.




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