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Kullu Manali, a perfect honeymoon destination gifted by the Himalayas

Image Credit: Unsplash | Surya teja

Choosing a perfect honeymoon destination while planning for one, may sometimes be confusing and misleading. Here I am to provide an insight into one of India’s most popular and refreshing honeymoon locations, where thousands of tourist couples flock every year to cherish the chillness that fills the place.

Manali is a Himalayan resort town, located to the north of the Kullu valley in Himachal Pradesh. The land offers plenty of advantages for couples and anyone who wishes to devour nature with its original smell and flavor in an adventurous version.

Let us explore here a few interesting features that the Himalayan town has in store for us.

Rohtang Pass
Rohtang Pass

The Rohtang La, located on the Leh Manali highway, is one of the highest Himalayan passes structured at an astonishing altitude of around 4000 meters above sea level. With this being said, I guess I need not explain the exclusiveness of the picturesque views of the Himalayas that one can get from here. Such us it’s mesmerizing quality!

The higher you travel here, the colder the weather turns, and the pass becomes snow-covered and stays closed during winters. Hence, it is advisable to take the trip to this spot during September and October, a moderate time between the monsoon and the snowfall. Amidst its amazing viewpoints, the pass offers excellent options for trekking, mountain biking, sled rides, skiing, and many such fun-filled adventurous activities.

You need not search for adventure here, the journey through the pass itself is an adventure! Truly, it is! The Rohtang Pass is considered one of the dangerous roads of India with trails so high and narrow. There is an alternative way, a tunnel! The Atal Tunnel, the world’s largest of its kind, assists transport convenience when the Pass is blocked or closed.

Make this trip on your top list, if you are ready to take admiration and adventure along with the risk that the place presents. For a careful mind and a curious heart, exploring this place will be never enough! There are also a few natural water springs nearby, which attract tourists and nature lovers.

Great Himalayan National Park
Great Himalayan National Park

Also called Jawaharlal Nehru National Park, it is one of UNESCO’s world heritage sites located in the division of Kullu district. The area undergoes four types of climatic changes every year and hence there are a huge variety of species that adapt to every climate. The park houses rare collections of endangered flora and fauna. The Himalayan tahr, western tragopan, musk deer, snow leopard are chief among them. Some part of the park is completely covered with snow, however, the rest of the area provides access to visitors, and you might be even lucky to experience the thrill of seeing a snow leopard close by your side.

The time you spend here in this natural habitat will give you cherishable memories and nail-biting tales to narrate to those back home!

Old Manali
Old Manali

This little green town is separated from Manali city center, by the river Beas. Choose this not-oft-chosen place to have some peaceful time in nature’s lap. Tall pine trees, less traffic, cleaner sightseeing spots, lush green views are treasures that greet you in Old Manali.

You can also trek along a pleasant trail, and see cherries and apple orchards on your way. Moreover, the Beas river has umpteen adventure openings including boating and wild water rafting, which bind every enthusiastic visitor.

Solang Valley
Solang Valley

The Solang Valley on the way to Rohtang Pass is an eco-friendly adventure spot that will satisfy your ultimate goal of choosing this destination. The amazing overview of the valleys and waterfalls might leave you with goosebumps. Additionally, it is renowned for paragliding activities.

If you are looking for an exhilarating adventure, this is for you! Just imagine falling into the lush green valleys from the tall snow-clad mountains! It will make your heart skip a beat!

It is always good to plan things well ahead and have some extra time at hand when you are on your trip to Manali.

Be prepared to enter the snowy paradise and be a guest of nature!

Inspiration leads to travel and travel brings gratification. We will show you the destination that may ultimately become your salvation.