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Munnar — The Kashmir of South India

Image Credit: Unsplash | gaurav kumar

Munnar is one of the topmost sought-after tourist spots in India. This beautiful hill station is identified by its rolling hills structure and its wide range of tea plantations. It is placed at an elevation of around 1600 meters above sea level, exactly in the town of Idukki, Kerala.

This popular town lies on the Western Ghats mountain range, and its name might refer to the convergence of three rivers there. It is widely famed for its pleasant climate throughout the year, and more tourists flock here especially during April and May to while away the dry Indian summer.

Let us now explore together the cloud-wrapped Munnar, under its misty green carpet!

Poombarai Village, kodaikanal
Poombarai Village, kodaikanal

The top station on the Munnar — Kodaikanal highway is Munnar’s topmost location, which also marks the border of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Though a bit far from the main town, the panoramic view of the mountains and the exotic beauty of the low-lying clouds, make the trip more than just worth it. A picture you take here with the backdrop of towering mountains, the thick green forests, picturesque valleys, and waterfalls, is sure to gain you a million likes. This paves a great pathway for trekkers and adventure lovers, there is a mountain bike riding facility at this spot.

You might be sometimes lucky to see the entire valley lit in blue once in twelve years when the Neelakurinji flowers bloom.

Munnar Plantations
Munnar Plantations

The tea plantations of Munnar are stunningly impressive and are widely distributed all over the mountains that you can not return without seeing! You can reach the tea plantations via a short drive from the town by the local taxis. What can be more peaceful than a walk through the green bush-like tea trees, with the chilly breeze kissing your cheeks!

You can choose to take a 3 hours ‘Plantation Walk’ through the tea plantations, as arranged by the Lockhart farm tourism, and interact with the local tea pluckers there. A visit to the Lockhart tea museum nearby will show you how fresh tea leaves are being processed.

This National Park, also called Rajamalai Wildlife Sanctuary located in Munnar, is one of UNESCO’s world heritage sites. It houses a rich range of flora and fauna and is host to several endangered species especially the Nilgiri Tahr, a rare variety of mountain goats.

The world’s largest moth species, the Atlas moth can be spotted on this site.

The mountain slopes covered with wild blossoms, an array of animals and birds distributed throughout, make your trip through this park an exciting sightseeing expedition.

Anamudi, South India’s highest peak stands tall at the center, and the Lakkam waterfalls originate here and provides an enthralling vision to the onlookers.

Do take the Kurinji trail for an awe-inspiring soft trekking tour through the grasslands, that might lead you to the natural habitat of the Nilgiri Tahr, and the seasonal kurinji flowers.

Some More Spots Worth Visiting:

This spot of attraction lies 5 km off the town and presents an amazing overview of the lush green mountains with tea and cardamom plantations. You can also reach out here to have a beautiful look at the sunrise and sunset.

The echo point, as the name suggests, guarantees you an unforgettable experience of hearing your voice reverberating from the mountains. It is located by a calm misty lake at the confluence of three mountain ranges, and hence the effect! Apart from the enchanting views from here, you can also opt for boating in the lake.

This is an eco-friendly adventure and amusement park for fun, refreshment, and relaxation. They have activities for visitors of all ages. Some popular adventure rides here are the bungee trampoline, rope cycling, rock climbing, and cable car. You can choose to spend your quality family time for several hours in this amusing world!

The Lock heart gap where the mountains look like a locked heart, the Mattupetty dam which stands at an elevation of 1700 meters, the rose garden, the Indo-Swiss dairy farm are other areas to visit in Munnar when you are on a trip for more than two days.

Even though the place is pleasing all through the year, a trip during summer will promise you a better satisfaction of having glimpsed at the much clear sceneries. When you feel like you need a little refreshment and some time off your routine, take a trip to Munnar!

I am sure that it will be a trip that you will cherish for your lifetime!

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