The best travel experience in Canada

4 min readSep 3, 2021

Image Credit: Unsplash | Matthew Henry

Planning to have a good tourism experience is something I cannot get easily. One day, I was reading blogs and articles about stories for the best places to visit in the world, and today, I’m writing my own experience and story to let you live the experience with me.

I chose the second-largest country in the world, which is Canada, to be my destination for this trip. As it was my first time visiting Canada, I stayed with my friends instead of staying at a hotel, and that was much better and more fun.

There are many reasons for my choosing to Canada, and one of them is that I am a nature lover, and Canada enjoys many magical natural attractions, a peaceful environment, and lovely weather, where I can feel myself at my home!

It is really a beautiful country, your eyes will not stop seeing beauty, from glaciers, mountains, lakes, and forests, to the safeness, and multicultural that will let you get to know new people from different countries and cultures.

The second reason is that it is a large city, and has many attractions and landscapes to explore. So, I can see new places, try new things, and do many unforgettable adventures.

You can also move from a city to another easily because it has various transportation systems, and its cities are small and easy to move.

Top-notch tourist destinations in Canada

Niagara Falls, Canada

The first and the most pleasant to me is Niagara Falls, I dreamt of the day to see this miracle on earth, and it was my first time to see the falls. It is like a paradise full of beauty and colors. The place was full of tourists and adventurers who came from the whole world to see Niagara Falls. I joined a curie in the falls and enjoyed it with my friends, we also took amazing photos and had lovely memories.

Vancouver, Canada

Secondly, Vancouver is undoubtedly the most glamorous city in Canada which is full of historical places, stunning landscapes, museums, islands, parks, bridges, as well as recreational spots with interesting games for playing and having some fun time.

I stayed in Canada for 2 months, and half of the period was in Vancouver. With its amazing places, I did many adventures that I did not dare to do in my country. Also, I bought a lot of souvenirs from Vancouver, my trip cannot complete without buying souvenirs from any place I visit. This helps in keeping memories and remembering every step of the journey.

Here are the best places that I visited in Vancouver

Stanley Park, Canada

Stanley Park, it is located to the north of Vancouver, there are many activities to do in the park, such as hiking, cycling, walking in front of beautiful green gardens and lakes, it is also surrounded by the sea; in which many freshers sell delicious seafood.

English Bay, Canada

English Bay, it is near Stanley Park, and we can reach it on foot. Many people come to this place for hanging out and biking. In summer, English Bay presents a show for the Celebration of Light; in which many locals and tourists gather to see fireworks and celebrate this day of lights.

Richmond, Vancouver

Richmond, it is the second Chinese neighborhood in Vancouver that allows you to have a great experience with the Chinese environment. Many activities can be done in this neighborhood, as it is popular with the Asian market, we did some shopping there and bought many things. Additionally, we tried Chinese food, and it was our first time to try it. It was an ideal choice to visit Richmond in Canada.

That was a summary of my experience in Canada and the activities I did. I highly recommend Canada and its cities for tourism, you will surely have a good time. Don’t miss the chance to live a new experience.




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